Microsoft Dynamics and Service

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you’ll deliver faster and better customer service. Dynamics CRM gives you a 360 degree look at each customer. With instant connection to all the data on a customer, you can give faster and more intelligent responses. You’ll also avoid doubling up on customer contact which means happier customers. With Dynamics CRM you’ll get better insight into customer preferences and behaviour so you can keep your customers happy and loyal.

Benefits of Customer Service with Dynamics CRM

  • Advanced and fast customer segmentation - so you can respond instantly to customer queries and provide better service
  • Connection to customer data from across the business – giving you a 360 degree view of each customer so you can give better informed and faster service
  • A familiar Microsoft interface – making Dynamics CRM fast to use with minimal training needs
  • View the entire data on a customer instantly – so you avoid doubling up contact with customers
  • Fast and effective reporting – so you spend less time on reporting and more time on servicing customer needs
  • Use any web-enabled device to update customer data – keeping customer records up-to-date, wherever you are.