Microsoft Dynamics and Marketing

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can transform every touch point into a marketing opportunity. Dynamics CRM provides you with the basis to analyse and dig deep into your customer data. It gives you a 360 degree look at each customer and more opportunities to market to each one. Which means more chances to upsell or better meet the needs of each customer. And that leads to improved customer retention and more profit.

Benefits of Marketing with Dynamics CRM

  • Advanced and fast customer segmentation – create highly targeted lists for specific campaigns
  • Better campaign management – mail merging to branded templates; simultaneous updating of campaign reports and statistics as notes and records are updated
  • Planning made easy – tailor messages to targeted lists; plan and track activities, tasks, budgets and details for each marketing activity
  • Faster reactions to market conditions or competitor activity – initiate and distribute campaigns and communications quickly; track and manage activities and results simultaneously; embedded mail merge facilities let you send mass emails instantly
  • Better tracking of results – so you can distribute and convert leads faster
  • Never miss an opportunity – access customer data form any web-enabled device
  • Easy data extraction and cleansing – so you can spend more time on marketing campaigns and less on data management
  • Collaboration tools between all sectors of the business – so you can interact faster and more directly with sales or accounting for reporting and tracking of campaigns
  • Fast and effective reporting – so you spend less time on reporting and more time on identifying cross-sell or upsell opportunities