Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the not-for-profit sector

Save time on administration and put a stop to doubling up contact records. Store all donor, volunteer or membership contacts together, segment them into defined groups and give different levels of access across the organisation. Achieve faster, measurable communications that cost less and save you time.

Benefits of Dynamics CRM for the not-for-profit sector

  • Information accessible at the touch of a button to everyone in the organisation
  • Easier recruitment and retention of volunteer bases with centrally stored data that is regularly refreshed
  • Automate repetitive tasks such as data cleansing and management
  • Ensure donor information is data protected
  • Easily track results of marketing efforts to donors or members
  • Improve relationships with existing supporter or membership base via fast, cheap electronic communications and more targeted messaging
  • Easily launch communications to new, targeted audiences
  • Quickly segment data without IT support for internal reporting or analysis
  • Provide different permission and access levels to different people for better data protection
  • Easily integrated with existing technology such as accounting systems
  • Instantly identify specific issues crucial to the organisation, e.g. overdue tasks or finances
  • In one place, view the entire interaction and communications history on a donor, member or volunteer
  • Easily customise the system to fit specific needs of your organisation