Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – what is it?

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, is a strategy to improve how you manage relationships with customers and contacts.

CRM for businesses helps improve retention and acquisition of customers and increase profits.

CRM for not-for-profit organisations can save time on administration and improve communication with members or volunteers. Find out more about the benefits of CRM for the not-for-profit sector…

A CRM strategy usually employs technology to help improve customer relationships because good CRM software is fast, efficient and connects all parts of an organisation, for better sharing of information.

A CRM solution should help any organisation, large or small, to better manage how they deal with customers, assets or business processes. The best Customer Relationship Management software can pull together data from all areas of a business or organisation to achieve a range of aims, such as more transparency, better communication, increased profits and faster reactions to market conditions.

CRM - helping large or small organisations to better deal with customers

Customer Relationship Management software and systems are often thought of as sales and marketing tools but they are equally useful for human resources and accounting. What's more, CRM technology benefits small to medium sized businesses (SME sector) as much as large corporations. CRM software can be as valuable for the not-for-profit sector (NFP) as for non-governmental organisations (NGO). OA Systems has even tailored Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the needs of the asset-management sector.

OA Systems – CRM experts for every industry sector

Whether you're a small or medium-sized business, a large corporate, a not-for-profit organisation or an Industry Training Organisation (ITO), talk to us. OA Systems are the experts in CRM and IT Services Management, helping your business or organisation work smarter.