Dynamics CRM helps fast growth for 2degrees

The challenge

When 2degrees arrived on the scene, Kiwis jumped for joy and signed up in droves. So much so that 2degrees grew really fast and needed some brilliant technology to help them better manage their customers and sales channels. They decided to deploy the smartest CRM available; Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

The solution

In July 2011, OA Systems started implementing a customised Microsoft Dynamics CRM within 2degrees. OA Systems installed a piece of technology at a time which meant there was no interruption to business as usual for 2degrees. With the help of the Dynamics CRM, the sales process was reorganised and became more efficient. Leads and new customers are now entered into a system that is accessed easily by authorised staff whenever that customer contacts 2degrees. The sign up process is faster and easier, so customers get onto the 2degrees network quicker. Dynamics CRM gives 2degrees a 360 degree view of all customer, company and promotional information. Best of all, it lets them give Kiwis even better customer service.

The verdict

“We wanted a solution that would provide a framework which could be easily configured to our needs and could be extended beyond lead management. The CRM has helped automate the leads management process and has reduced errors,” says Ankur Dharmani, Enterprise Architect for 2degrees Mobile. “We chose OA Systems from about five other possible suppliers for their agility and flexibility vis-à-vis our needs. I would definitely recommend OA Systems to others.”

How the 2degrees CRM was customised 

Different access to the CRM for different needs - 2degrees staff and its principal dealers enter information directly into the CRM, giving them access to any extra information they need. Authorised dealers or retailers use customised web forms to sign up new customers for a simple and quick sign-up process. The forms interface directly with the CRM so information is seamlessly and immediately sent back to the CRM.

Administration tasks are made quicker and easier – Integrations with Microsoft Office automatically generate spreadsheets and reports for the specific needs of different parts of the business. Previously these were all manually created.

Security is top of mind for 2degrees and its customers – Users and dealers have different permissions, giving them access only to the information they need. This protects customer data and privacy.

Customers get what they want faster – Plug-ins help to automate processes. Credit checks and provisioning (e.g. allocating numbers) are faster so customers are not left waiting.

Contact Centre added – 2degrees wanted an integrated CRM - Customer Care/Contact Centre to assist them to manage their rapidly growing user base. When OA Systems showed them the AlfaPeople IT Service Management add-on, the decision was easy to make. Having all sales and customer care data stored in one place enabled 2degrees staff to understand all aspects of the customer interaction, thereby greatly improving customer services.