Dynamics CRM delivers smarter sales to Exhibit Group

The challenge

Exhibit Group needed better tracking and management of sales opportunities, easier sales forecasting and they wanted to provide exceptional customer service.

Craig Joynt, Managing Director, Exhibit Group, identified some crucial issues they needed to address within their business:

  • Sales consultants were spending up to half their time on admin. instead of selling.
  • No standardised place or process for storing and recording customer contact details.
  • Customer information couldn't be easily shared or accessed, leading to time wastage.
  • Contact with customers was sometimes duplicated. That didn't lead to a great customer experience.
  • No easy way of tracking sales prospects which impacted on sales forecasting and management decision-making.

The solution

Exhibit Group decided they needed a centralised customer contact, accounts history and event database. They chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM and selected OA Systems, a Microsoft Gold CRM Partner, to implement and customise their CRM:

“OA Systems provided an excellent level of support and service throughout. They have a well-rounded understanding of our business and demonstrated expertise in knowing how CRM can benefit any situation. They were fundamental to the success of this implementation.” Craig Joynt, Managing Director, Exhibit Group

The verdict

“Investing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most important business decisions we have made. It has sharpened our insights and empowered us to devise more astute strategies to deliver greater value to customers. In addition to this, we have been able to quickly deliver a return-on-investment to our owners with enhanced sales efficiency.” Craig Joynt, Managing Director, Exhibit Group

Key benefits for Exhibit Group

  • Minimal IT training - Dynamics CRM sits seamlessly within Exhibit Group’s email system, Microsoft Outlook. And because it’s Microsoft, many of the graphics, presentation and functions are already familiar to new users. Moreover, according to Craig Joynt, the choice of Microsoft technology made them feel confident that they could expect better long-term support.
  • Better sales management - “The biggest benefit we have gained from Microsoft Dynamics CRM is enhanced sales management. It gives our sales consultants real-time access to customer data and account history online, so they can work smarter, deliver greater value to customers and close more sales in less time.” Craig Joynt, Managing Director, Exhibit Group.
  • Increased job satisfaction for sales consultants as they are able to spend more time on sales and less time on administration.
  • Less time wastage – customer service are easily able to access customer records and find the right person to speak to within customer companies.
  • Better business continuity – when a sales consultant leaves, there is no lengthy handover process or worries that customer information will leave with the sales consultant.