Retail Institute works smarter with Dynamics CRM

The challenge

Like all Industry Training Organisations, Government funding of the Retail Institute is dependent on achieving targets related to the number of trainees who complete courses and qualifications. To ensure adequate funding, the Retail Institute needed a system to track trainees’ progress and help them forecast training needs in the retail and distribution sectors. Training advisors, out in the field, needed immediate and direct access to customer information instead of making endless requests of the customer service team.

The solution

The Retail Institute chose ITOMIC, a customised trainee management system and reporting tool, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The ITOMIC system was developed specifically for the ITO sector by OA Systems.

Richard Kelly, ICT Services Manager for the Retail Institute chose OA Systems for their long history of working with the ITO sector and because they were highly receptive to the Retail Institute’s business requirements.

“OA Systems has worked with ITOs for a number of years; understood our business needs, and was very open to making it work for us,” said Kelly.

ITOMIC consolidated four databases – quality assurance, contacts, trainee management and a database for capturing evolving business processes – into one system. It solved problems of data duplication and allowed the Retail Institute to record all details of all contact with trainees and stores.

The verdict

“ITOMIC enables us to have better relationships with our customers and stores. We maintain regular contact and make sure we’re neither over-burdening them with information nor neglecting them. It definitely helps our communication.” Richard Kelly, ICT Services Manager, Retail Institute.

For the Retail Institute, there are some key benefits of adopting the ITOMIC system:

  • Improved data quality means greater productivity
  • Instant and up-to-the-minute information on trainees and stores means less time wastage
  • Many processes are automated, saving time on administration
  • Training has been minimal as the system integrates with Microsoft Office.