Project delivery and management

There’s nothing worse than a technology system that takes months to implement and goes over budget. That’s why, when you work with OA Systems, a dedicated Project Manager will ensure your work is delivered on time and on budget. Based on Prince 2 methods, we agree clear objectives and remove as many uncertainties as possible, before starting work.

When you work with us, your Project Manager will oversee the project from start to finish, overseeing timings, delivery of milestones, costs and quality. We work with your people and together will define objectives from the very outset.

OA Systems are experts in CRM and IT Service Management. We’re also experts in client collaboration. Success depends on collaboration because the more knowledge you have from the start means the faster you get results from the technology. A close working relationship can also help minimise costs. For example, if we see areas you can work on without our help, we’ll let you know and show you how you can get the best out of your customised CRM.