Project delivery and management

When you work with OA Systems, a dedicated Project Manager will ensure your work is delivered on time and on budget.  Using proven and effective practices, we agree clear objectives and remove as many uncertainties as possible, before starting work. Time spent upfront pays for itself many times over by the end of the project.

Your dedicated Project Manager will oversee the project from start to finish, tracking budgets, the delivery of milestones, and constantly keeping any eye on quality.  This is an exercise in communication - your dedicated Project Manager will be your key contact throughout the entire project, available to help out when you need it and proactively picking up the phone when anything needs to be discussed. 

Risks, issues and dependencies are part of any project - they aren't to be feared, they just need to be recognised and well managed.  Our Project Managers are experts in taming risks and issues, and will work with you to agree the best path forward.  

The Project Manager is there to help ensure the flawless execution of your project, working alongside you throughout the process and giving you the confidence that what you have asked for is delivered on time and on budget.