Training and support

Whatever your knowledge of CRM, we know that you'll need help in the early stages to get the most out of your CRM system. Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics 365 based CRM systems are easy to use. Because it's Microsoft, many of the functions look familiar and are really intuitive.

We offer different levels of training and support:

Workshops - we run practical sessions on what you can do with your CRM and how you can get the most out of all its functionality. With hands-on tuition based on practical examples, these workshops will give you an excellent understanding of what Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do for you.

Bespoke training - dependent on the needs, knowledge and experience of users, we'll bring practical, hands-on training to you so you can make sure there's no interruption to business as usual.

Helpdesk support - we provide you with a portal to log any incidents with the system. We set up a SLA (service level agreement) with each client to ensure that any issues are dealt with swiftly and easily.