Why choose OA Systems?

We are not Prima Donna's

Our customers are the reason for our existence and without you, we have no purpose. We are honoured to be able to serve you and we thank you for your trust in us.

We'll help you work smarter

We thrive on helping our clients take advantage of the smart things you can do with technology. We love helping clients succeed and we really want to make a real difference to your organisation.

We know Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM)

If you want Customer Relationship Management, talk to us. We're experts at it because that is all we do - just Dynamics 365. For 20 years we've been pretty much obsessed with how CRM systems help businesses or any organisation work smarter. We believe our job is to help you to engage better with your customers, and enable your customers to better engage with you.

We are a Gold Dynamics 365 Partner

We spend a lot of time learning how this technology works. We keep up to speed by continually studying at the Dynamics Partner University and we understand Dynamics 365 intimately so that we can best assist your business to achieve the utmost from Dynamics.

We are pragmatic

Software systems be they CRM or otherwise need to provide value for your dollar. There is no point in having the best system in the world if it costs you more than it returns. We always consider the cost benefit factor when designing systems to ensure you get a return on your investment.

We're technology experts who speak plain English

There's nothing worse than technology jargon when you don't know what it means. We explain technology terms in language you'll understand, that relates directly to your business or organisation.

We recognise we cannot do everything

Technology has become complex and our customers need partners who can operate at a detailed level. While we know CRM, we have established a network of partners in covering ERP, BI, Infrastructure, Telephony, Web development and more, who we trust to work diligently with us to deliver you a great solution. We will work with your partners of choice if you are already being well looked after.