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Paperwork Killing You? We Have A Magic Button For That

Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together Flow Connectors and Power Platform to automate all your simple tasks

"One of the things we find working with clients is that people like magic buttons. Every sales person wishes they were able to push a button and capture a new lead."

When working with software like Dynamics, we frequently have the same conversation with our clients which goes something like this... “I want to be able to just push a button and (insert user requirement) will just happen”. It is not unreasonable, but there is often a mismatch between the understanding of the amount of time taken for something like that to be implemented, versus the cost of development or implementation. Building what is often referred to as “magic buttons”, involves understanding the logic that is triggered by pushing the button, designing the output to meet expectations and then on top of that configuring systems so that they look like the end user expects. For example, does it look like a button?

Users have continued to ask for the simplicity and ease of a function like a “Magic Button” for as long a software has existed and developers have improved the ability to build them. These tools use the- If This Then That (ITTT) model. If I push the button that shows up on my smartphone, then a form for capturing leads opens, as one example.

The Good News- the ability to make your own if you are a user of Office365 or Dynamics365 is now easier than ever! And you may already be licensed for their version of these tools. The Microsoft ITTT tool is called Flow.

One of the great benefits of Flow as an option for building Magic Buttons, is that not only can you use it with Microsoft products Excel, SQL, SharePoint, and Dynamics. Or with a range of third-party products like Zendesk, SurveyMonkey, Oracle databases, or DocuSign. If there is not a prebuilt connecter on the list, you can also build custom connecters.

Which means that options for creating magic buttons are much simpler, and for dynamics users Flows can also be triggered from inside the system. As seen below...

Through custom connectors for Microsoft Flow you can automate processes using applications in your organisation. The process of building a connector isn't complex, Flow is a great place to get you started! With custom connectors you will be able to truly benefit using Microsoft Flow in your organisation.

Book a meeting to find out if your current Dynamics subscription has Flow capabilities.

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