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Subgrid views in the Unified Interface

A really nice feature in the Unified Interface is the control you have over which views to show for an entity. For example, let’s say you have the following views for Contacts:

  • Active Contacts
  • My Active Contacts
  • Influencers

But let’s say the ‘Influencers’ view was one you only wanted to use on a subgrid of Contacts showing on an Account form, i.e. you didn’t want it to show as a view on the sitemap.

Can this be done?

Well, it depends on what views you want to show on your subgrid. Let me explain.

On a subgrid, you select the default view to show on the subgrid. You also have 3 options for which other views to show on the subgrid:

  • None, i.e. just the default view
  • A selection of views – i.e. show the default view, and a subset of the other available views for this entity
  • All views

If you want to show just the ‘Influencers’ view on the subgrid, then it works fine. You do this by not including the ‘Influencers’ view in your app:

And in the subgrid in the view designer you leave ‘Allow users to change view’ unticked:

This excludes the view from the list of views in the App:

But it shows the view on the subgrid (please note, it doesn’t show the view name)

As you can see below, Fred and John are the only 2 contacts in this Account with the Influencer role, thereby proving that the screenshot above is using the ‘Influencers’ view:

So all is good with the option of only showing the default view.

So what about showing a selection of views?

If you want to show the ‘Influencers’ view and the ‘Active Contacts’ views on the subgrid, tick the ‘Allows users to change view’ box in the view designer, which brings up a list of views for you to select:

Then pick the ‘Active Contacts’ and ‘Influencers’ views from the list (please note the ‘Influencers’ view is selected already and can’t be unselected as it is the default:

Now on the subgrid, you have both selected views showing:

So all is good with this option too.


But what if you want to show all views on the subgrid?

In the form designer, select the ‘Show all views’ box.

This time, in the view selector on the subgrid, you get all the views in the app, plus the associated views, but since the ‘Influencers’ view isn’t in the app, it doesn’t show, even though it is specified as the default view:

This isn’t the user experience we want.

So, how do we get the ‘Influencers’ view to show as a selectable view on the subgrid, without including it in the list of views in the app?

There is a workaround, albeit an imperfect one.

In the view designer, select the ‘Allow users to change view’ box, but this time pick all 3 views, i.e. ‘Active Contacts’, ‘My Active Contacts’ and ‘Influencers’:

This time, all 3 views show on the subgrid, but notably, the other associated views, i.e. ‘Contact Associated View’ and ‘Entitlement Contacts’ don’t show:

So, using these options you are controlling what views your users see on the sitemap, whilst also limiting what they can see on any specific subgrid, albeit with some limitations.

Happy CRMing everyone!

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