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Setting A View's Default Sort Order Using More Than 2 Columns

One limitation of views in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement has always been that you can only set a maximum of 2 columns in the default sort order for a system view:

With the new solutions module in PowerApps, this is no longer a limitation.

Go to and sign in using your normal Office 365 credentials.

Alternatively, click on the app selector (commonly known as the ‘waffle’ and pick the PowerApps option:

Make sure you are in the correct environment:

Select Solutions:

I’m just using the Default Solution here, but you could create your own or use an existing one.

Open the solution and find the entity you want to create a view for using the filter and search box. I’m doing a view for Accounts:

Open the entity by clicking on it:

Select ‘Views’ and ‘Add view’:

Give it a name and an optional description:

Add your columns by selecting the fields from the list. Once done, on the RHS, select the ‘Sort By’:

Then simply add the columns you want to sort by, primary sort first:

You can change the column ascending/descending by clicking the arrow:

You even get a nice preview of your records sorted in the order you have set:

Save and publish:

And back in Dynamics 365 you can see the view, sorted by 3 columns:

I’m not sure if there is a limit for the number of columns you can set a default sort order for. Perhaps you could try and blog about it!

One limitation of this is that it only applies to System views. Personal views are still limited by the 2 column sort limit.

Happy CRMing everyone!

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