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Bzzzt, How Text Message Marketing Will Help Grow Your Business

Dynamics 365 SMS (or Text) Marketing

With an open rate of 98 percent according to Mobile Marketing Watch Marketing, SMS messages is giving email some hefty competition with Millennials and Generation Z becoming the predominant influencers in today’s businesses. These will be the primary people marketers are targeting. Dentists being one of the first industries to adopt this style of customer communication with appointment reminders, more and more industries are starting to see the benefits of SMS Message marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing lists allow you to send SMS (text) messages in bulk. The messages are sent to the mobile numbers of the lead and/or contact records on the marketing lists. CRM activity records are created to document that the message was sent. You can even personalise your text messages using data stored in CRM.

With that in mind here are some examples where a text message would make a great addition to your marketing mix:

  1. Welcome – While emails are the standard go-to for welcoming a new customer you may want to consider a quick text message which can start your customer relationship off with a unique touch.
  2. Reminders - Customers are less likely to miss an appointment when a reminder is sent via text versus email. Phone call reminders are great but take a lot of costly employee time. Easily automated and with high success rate, text message reminders are beneficial to you and your customers.
  3. Special offers and Promotions – This is a great option for short-term promotions. It gives a level of urgency that helps get your sale across the line. For a longer sales cycle incorporating Text messages in combination with emails and phone calls is a great way to keep communications moving smoothly.
  4. After Sale follow-up – Text Messages make a follow up easy-peasy. A simple Thank you for your business can go a long way with referrals and repeat buyers. You can also add a customer survey link to ensure all customers integrations are to your business standards.
  5. Reconnecting – This is a light way to reach-out to an old client without being too pushy. Adding a link to an interesting piece of content or a promotion can give added value.

Things to keep in mind- For B2B messaging you will probably want to keep to business hours, however B2C you may be best after business hours and give an option to “opt out”.

Dynamics 365 marketing is available in several Office 365 plans, including business, education, enterprise and non-profit packages.

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