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New Org Chart Functionality

Some things to note on the new Org Chart functionality in the Unified Interface


The unified interface (UI) for Dynamics 365 has some very nice new features. One such feature is the org chart. You get to it from an account view or form:


It allows you to represent the hierarchical structure of the contacts within an account.

This builds on the hierarchy view in the classic web client and offers some nice new options.

There is an excellent blog by Jesper Osgaard on the main functions of the org chart. Check it out here:

In this blog I’d like to build on Jesper’s blog with some of the things I noticed when playing with this new functionality.

  • The form that you see on the org chart when you double click on a user is not a form you have access to configure:



It is not the card form you specify on the hierarchical relationship. That form shows on the hierarchy tree view on the classic web client, but not on the unified interface.

As you can see above, the unified interface org chat form shows name, email, job title, manager, and direct reports (this last one is a list of users, i.e. the many end of 1:N hierarchical relationship you specify to enable the org chart functionality). Please note, the 'Email' field is hidden unless there is data in it. Other fields are shown on the form regardless of whether there is data in them.

The 'Manager' field and the 'Direct Reports' relationship on the Unified Client org chart form are called 'Manager' ' and 'Direct Reports' regardless of what you call them in the hierarchical relationship you create for contacts. But when you add the lookup or relationship to any other form, it will add it to that form as the name you gave it in the relationship. e.g. I called the lookup 'Reports To', but it shows as 'Manager' on the org chart form and 'Reports To' on the main form I added it to.


This could be confusing for users, so best to call the lookup 'Manager', and the many end of the relationship 'Direct Reports' so it appears the same everywhere. Please note, this has nothing to do with the OOTB 'Manager' text field on the contact. Probably best to rename that field so it doesn't cause confusion on advanced find.

When you double click on a tile for one of the contacts, you get a side pane which allows you to enter the details of the direct reports for that contact, which it then adds to the org chart. Worth noting that if you have a contact who is not linked to an Account, and you are in an org chart, you can select them as a direct report, and it adds the account as their parent Account.

So, for example, in the contacts below Mary Joseph has no Company.

 If I go into the ABC org chart and add her as a direct report for Lenny Bruce, she is found:



And once I save the Lenny Bruce form in the org chart it adds Mary to the org chart:

And it adds ABC Ltd as her Company:

I guess this is quite nice functionality, but you would have to be careful with a large database of contacts and common names, or you may end up linking the wrong person.

So that’s it. Some things to note on the new org chart functionality.

Happy CRMing everyone!




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