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Three Ways Dynamics 365 Increases Sales

While the saying is a cliché, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement was literary made to help you increase your sales. Rather than just a collection of captured data, Dynamics can be a proactive platform that assists you to stay on top of the tasks you should be delivering. There are countless ways the system can be used to deliver on this promise, but here are just the top three. 

  1. Automation

You hired your sales team because of their ability to produce sales and not because they are great at paperwork. Sales people are notoriously bad when it comes to administration. Chasing the sale, building relationships and knowing where to close the detail usually has very little to do with updating spreadsheets which can leave sales managers leading blindly.  

The new April update can perform a range of automated tasks, which coupled with a well implemented Dynamics can mean very little administrative time for your sales team. For example- you are now able to add a new contact into a marketing segment which will place the client on an onboarding journey which includes aspects such as that introduces them to their new supplier. 

For more complex situations you can trigger a “Playbook” with time activities such as; a change in decision maker, automating follow-up phone calls, requesting an introduction meeting and notifying the sales manager that a key account has changed status. Well planned automation can help your team deliver on their KPI’s and never let a service issue fall through the cracks.  

  1. Proactive Notifications

Whether at their desk, on the road - Dynamics Relationship Assistant provides a visual reminder of relevant information. No one likes waking up in the middle of the night with the realization you forgot a scheduled call with your largest client. While it is nice to think you will always put in a reminder task, sometimes it is just not practical. 

The Dynamics Relationship assistant allows you to configure generic reminders that will help keep your sales process organized and configured specifically to your needs. Relationship assistant monitors your daily actions and communications and intelligently generates a collection of action cards while analysing data from Dynamics 365. Relationship Assistant can make your life easier, here’s are some specific ways; 

1) Show Opportunities That Need Attention
2) Track Deadlines
3) Plan Meetings in Nearby Locations  
4) Monitor Incoming Emails for Specific Criteria

  1. Don’t let the sales end with the order

Once a client says yes, that can be a sign for a sales rep to disengage and move on to the next lead, for the client placing the order is not the end of the buying experience. 

Organisations that deliver services need a system that closes the loop, this is where the Dynamics Field Service app can come in and pass the job to the delivery team. 

Following the engagement linking Sales with marketing can help to maintain a warm relationship and communicate potential upsells or new opportunities, as well as delivering specific engagement capabilities such as surveys to measure net promoter scores. 

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is available in several Office 365 plans, including business, education, enterprise and non-profit packages.

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