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Getting "not in" Dashboards working

One of the developments in Dynamics 365 in recent years is the ability to do ‘not in’ queries in views, i.e. a list of records that have no child records of a specific type, e.g. Accounts with no Contacts, Contacts with no Cases, etc.

Initially, Microsoft enabled this for personal views. Then they enabled it for system views. I’ve blogged on both topics:

Recently I was building a Dynamics 365 dashboard for a customer, and one of the views I was trying to add was a ‘not in’ type. I won’t bore you with the specifics, but for the purposes of this blog, let’s say it was ‘Accounts with no Contacts’.

So, I built my views, including my ‘not in’ view. Below is the filter criteria screen:

And you can see it here the view in the list of Accounts views in the solution:

I then proceeded to build my dashboard. However, when I came to add my ‘not in’ query, it wasn’t on the list of views to add:

I checked and checked and checked again, and I could see no reason why it wouldn’t be on the list. So, why wasn’t my view there?

It then dawned on me that maybe it had something to do with the ‘not in’ clause in my view. So, I took the ‘not in’ clause out, saved the view, and lo and behold, there it was in the list of views which could be added to the dashboard:

However, this did me no good. The ‘not in’ clause was integral to the view. Without it, it wasn’t fit for purpose.

So, I tried adding the view to the dashboard without the ‘not in’ clause, then amending the view to add the clause back in.

Well, thankfully it worked liked a charm, and my dashboard now sports a ‘not in’ view of ‘Accounts with no Contacts’:

One other thing, for some views, this works fine, but for others, once you set the ‘not in’ clause, come out the ‘Edit filters’ screen in the view customisation and try to go back you get the following message:

When you go to classic mode, it’s no good, as the filter criteria screen for the view isn’t even available to be selected:

So, this means you have only 1 chance to create your filter. If you decide later to change the filter you’ll have to delete your view, and start again. Not an optimum experience, especially if you’ve added the view to multiple dashboards. It is very much a workaround.

So, to summarise:

1) Create your view without the 'not in' clause

2) Add the view to your dashboard

3) Amend the view to include the 'not in' clause

Maybe Microsoft will fix this issue in an upcoming release, but until then, I hope this little workaround will help.

Happy CRMing everyone!

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