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Two tips for Unified Client Interface

After Dynamics 365 is upgraded to the Unified Client Interface (UCI) interface, users have to deal with some interesting changes. Some are good and some require more work. I’d like to share two of them.

Download document template

Starting with the good news. I believe a lot of users want to be able to download their document templates. However, until now CRM only allows you to upload new templates. If you want to modify the existing templates, you cannot download it. So we have to keep the original templates on the local drive. Or using some 3rd party tools (like Xrm tool box) to extract templates from CRM. However, after the CRM UCI upgrade, I finally found an out-of-box way to download the templates.

Hopefully you are aware, the document template is in the advanced settings. The following route is: Business -> Templates -> Document Templates. By using this route, you are able to upload new templates. However, to download templates you need a different path:

  • Use advanced find. Then select “Document Templates” as the Entity:

  • After searching, select the template you need to download and then open the record. This time the system will use a new form to open the template. And there is a “Download” button on the top:

Now you can have your template by clicking this button.


Edit products

This change is a little more limiting, don’t worry we provide some options below.

To edit a product, previously you could just open the product record from a lot of places. For example: by using advanced find or click a product lookup. With the UCI interface, those places will now give you a read-only form no matter what security role you are assigned.

To work around this issue, here are two solutions:

1. You need to use advanced settings. Then go through the route:

Business -> Product Catalog -> Families & Products

This is because the forms from advanced settings are still using classic CRM form. So, this way you won’t have a problem editing.

2.The true reason of the read-only form of product is on the entity settings. By default, the Product entity has set to be read only for unified client:

To change it, you need to follow the route: Advanced Settings -> Customization->Customize the system. Then the Solution Editor will pop-up. Then select Product from Entities list. On the Outlook & Mobile section, untick Read-only in Unified Client option. Then save the change and publish your customization. This will now give you access.

We will keep posting tips as we identify them. If you want to talk to our team about your systems connect with us here.

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