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OA Systems has developed ITOMIC, a CRM/Customer Engagement tool specifically for the needs of Industry Training Organisations (ITOs). Like all great products designed for a specific audience, we've developed ITOMIC in collaboration with its users - a number of New Zealand ITOs. 

ITOMIC includes bespoke functions for trainee management, Business Intelligence and Office integration.  

Benefits of ITOMIC CRM for Industry Training Organisations:

  • information accessible at the touch of a button to everyone in the organisation
  • easier recruitment and retention of trainees with centrally stored data that is regularly refreshed
  • automate repetitive tasks such as data cleansing and management
  • ensure trainee information is data protected
  • easily track results of marketing efforts to trainees
  • improve relationships with existing trainee base via fast, cheap electronic communications and more targeted messaging
  • easily launch communications to new, targeted audiences
  • quickly segment data without IT support for internal reporting or analysis
  • different permission and access levels to different people for better data protection
  • can be easily integrated with existing technology such as accounting systems
  • instantly identify specific issues crucial to the organisation, e.g. overdue tasks or finances
  • in one place, view the entire interaction and communications history on a trainee
  • easily customise the system to fit specific needs of your organisation


ITOMIC Intelligence

We've also developed a data warehouse solution called ITOMIC Intelligence and a web portal called ITOMIC web portal. And because good software should be constantly improved, we've formed a user group of ITOs who use ITOMIC. Together, they collaborate to understand the system better, provide feedback for new functionality and share tips and tricks.

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